1 What do most of the people find exigent regarding this role?

Client and candidate satisfaction is the foremost priority of our consultants and this continues right the way through the organizational structure. Negotiating on behalf of our clients to secure them the best candidates for their roles and on the same hand ensuring the best package for our candidates is always challenging.

2Is recruitment a sales based role?

Yes, it’s business to business sales.

3 How does it feel like to work with Genetic?

There is a constant buzz of activity at the workplace. As we have small business teams, the offices are open plan, highly supportive and on the same hand tons of fun.

4What people love about this job?

The euphoria of placing candidates and being rewarded for achieving targets is evident throughout the organization. In addition, the pride associated with working for such a well-known brand is definitely something you would love to brag about.

5What rewards are expected from the role?

You will be paid a competitive base salary with staggering monthly allowances/ incentives, depending on your performance. About your career progress within Genetic – 90% of our leadership team are the ones among those who have been promoted from the enthusiast who working with us. Finally to round up your rewards package, we already have an excellent bunch designed for you.

6How is my performance measured and how often is it reviewed?

All consultants have a set of key performance indicators relative to the business in which they work. These are discussed with your manager on a daily basis and used to track and improve your performance. In addition, we have an annual appraisal program which gives you the opportunity to discuss, among other things, your long-term career plans.

7What training will I receive in my first few months of joining?

You will receive one-to-one support from your manager, including on desk coaching, shadowing and localized workshop sessions designed for enhancement of key recruitment skills.

8What is the selection process?

Successful applicants will be required to attend an interview. This will give you much-anticipated opportunity of spending some time with the team you will potentially join on the operating floor.

9Why work for Genetic?

At Genetic, you are a part of the company who is at leading edge of the recruitment industry. We offer a rewarding corporate environment and create opportunities and challenges for our employees so that they gear up to their potential and feel similar to the top most contributor in unlimited success stories we create every day.